Defending Jacob By: William Landay

Defending Jacob

Defending Jacob: A Novel by William Landay

I’m drawn to mystery and suspense; it’s my writing genre. To say I’m passionate is like saying Peyton Manning’s just a quarterback. I’m a mystery book snob and rarely overjoyed with a writer’s effort. I am frequently pleased, entertained, and impressed, but rarely overjoyed.

This book is different and I’ve been recommending it for three years. Landay has twist and turns until the very last page, which turned out to be a detriment for my husband. He’s more of a non-fiction-history-book-kind- of-guy. It took me days of prodding and pushing before he finally agreed to give it a try. He couldn’t put it down, and after two nights of staying up until two in the morning we went to bed and settled in for our nightly reading ritual. When he calmly announced he needed a new book, I said, “ You finished? Can you believe…” — yes, I gave away the ending.

In my defense he did say he was finished. It turns out he’d finished the trial and assumed that the last two chapters were wrap-up– the verdict had been read. That my friend is far from the end of this book. Two more chapters?  He had at least two more twists and a couple more turns to go.



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