Favorite Fifteen Minute Recipe




This week Tuesday’s Blog Hop is all about fun recipes.  Thanks to Sarah Hegger for the great idea.  Hop along with us and collect a slew of quick and easy recipes.

My all time favorite go-to recipe is a quick and simple chicken pasta made with rotisserie chicken– I use only white meat which is my husband’s choice– basil pesto, I use the Classico jar brand because it beats my homemade hands down, one cup of diced sweet onions and one cup of sweet peppers. Red works best, but yellow and orange work as well. Sauté onions, peppers and 2T of garlic from a jar, or 3 bulbs of fresh, while cooking penne pasta al dente. Add a cup of diced tomatoes to the onions and peppers, and if you’re in a big hurry a can of petite-diced tomatoes will also work. Cook vegetables five minutes or until soft, add cooked and drained pasta. Cut a block of cream cheese into eight even pieces and add to the pasta along with a cup of heavy whipping cream. Stir gently until the cream cheese is completely melted.


I didn’t say this was diet food people– just quick.

Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese, and serve with a bag salad and crusty French bread. Yum.

Hope on over to Megan Conners to see her great idea for a busy night.



3 thoughts on “Favorite Fifteen Minute Recipe

  1. Rotisserie chicken is the best isn’t it? I love picking some up when I don’t feel like cooking, from our Publix.

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