8/25/14 – First Kiss

Welcome to Blog Hop.  If you like to read romance novels of all genres, join the writers of Romance Weekly as we go behind the scenes of our books and tell all…about our writing. This week we’re dishing about our first kiss, or the first kiss in our current novel, or maybe just a wishful dream of a first kiss. Mine’s the first kiss in my book Changing TidesHope you enjoy.  

A big thanks to my good friend Kim Handysides for this terrific idea. Once you’ve read my blog, the link below will direct you to the next writer’s blog. Tell your friends about us and please ask questions or make comments. We’d love to hear from you.


  OreoCookieScar sat at the bar dunking an Oreo into a half-full glass of milk. The clock over the stove read six-nineteen. Judging from the pile of crumbs gathered on the counter she’d been up awhile.

I took the last cookie from the bag and chose the safer of the other two barstools, the one pushed against the wall and three feet away. “Tell me Agent, why would a boarding school, Atlanta debutant, with a Princeton PhD choose to work for the FBI?”

She showed no physical emotion to my revelation. The only change was the color of her eyes — vivid green melding into a subtle jade. It was a wordless standoff. The understanding that I’d investigated her past and gathered a few secrets of my own floated between us. I enjoyed giving her a taste of what it felt like under the microscope.

“It’s a long story.” She glanced away, lingering a moment at the window to watch the sun rising over the water.

I swiveled my stool to face her. Streaked honey-blonde hair, the colors of marsh grass after a frost, spilled over hunched shoulders. Chiseled forearms rested on the bar. Legs of a runner, long and lean, were draped around the rim of the barstool. “Ah, but is it an interesting story?”

“Not particularly.” Her long fingers wrapped around the empty bag– squeezing, turning, twisting the cellophane.

I propped a foot on the rim of her stool, relaxed my body against the wall. “We could play your version of twenty questions.” When she raised an eyebrow I added, “You remember— it’s that game where you ask the questions and only I have to answer.”

I took the slip of her smile as touché. “If you could change careers at the snap of a finger, what would you choose?”

Scar sipped her milk as if she were seriously contemplating my question. Then took another drink before shrugging. “I’ve always wanted to be a vet.”

“A vet?“ I heard the scoff of disbelief in my tone. ‘’You want to be an animal doctor?”

“I wanted to be a professional tennis player, but that dream died in college. I’m still holding out for the vet gig.” An eye twinkle gave away her straight face. She was playing me. “Your turn. If you sold the family business, what would you do?”

“It’s crossed my mind– selling the business. I think I’d take up fortune telling, reading palms, maybe become a clairvoyant.”

Scar laughed without embarrassment.

I gave her a lazy once-over. “So I hear you read minds.”

“No. I read bodies.”

I considered her matter-of-fact tone and clinched my fist to keep from massaging the knot growing in my gut. “And you’re good at it?”

Her gaze moved from my eyes and meandered down, hesitating briefly on my mouth before landing on my fisted hand. She uncoiled bare legs from the wooden stool and leaned in. “I am.” She said with a voice as smooth as twelve-year old scotch.

“Good to know. Any chance you’re planning to practice on mine, Agent?” I stole a glance. Her tanned brown knee only inches from my fingertips.

The sound of the ice-maker dumping another load broke the silence.

“Oh, I’m a good bit past practicing, Sam. I’m all the way up to expert.”

The hint of a smile in her voice sounded playful and mischievous, or maybe it was conviction with a touch of confidence, I couldn’t be sure.

Her lips grazed mine. Confidence. Definitely confidence.


Let’s go check out the talented Dani Jace’s first kiss. 

www.danijace.comDani Jace - white doe

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