RWW Oct 7, 2014


Welcome to Blog Hop. If you like to read romance novels of all genres, join the writers of Romance Weekly as we blog about writing, and sometimes try our hand at flash fiction . If you’ve made it here via Mikki Cober’s blog, Welcome.

A big thanks to Beth Carter for today’s questions–

Which type of character do you prefer writing about: Sexy, romantic, sweet, quirky, mean, old, young, smart, silly or other?

I really enjoy quirky characters. Those men and woman who are slightly off-kilter. They can be funny and lighten the mood in a scene, or caustic and to the point, blurting what everyone else is thinking but would never say.

Yeah–those are by far my favorite characterQuirky Charcter E Cards. I strive to have one eccentric  per story.





Have you ever killed off (or gotten back at) an ex in your writing? On paper, of course.

Not yet, but it’s a definite possibility in my next book. The reunited couple. I like the idea of the tension, the backstory that the hero/heroine know and must slide into the story in little snippets for the reader. That’s the plan anyway.Mug

My family seems to be a little worried about this issue– this cup was in my stocking last Christmas.


What hobbies do you have that you incorporate in your writing?

I love horses and have owned them most of my adult life. Although they’ve never been a main focus, somewhere, someplace, somehow, one tends to slip into my manuscript. My favorite setting is a gorgeous barn. I spend hours researching, writing beautiful descritions, so far those scenes haven’t made the final cut. That’s probably telling–I’m just not sure what it tells. gardeners-know-all-the-dirt-vintage-sign-125-p

Gardening is a favorite pastime and my current hero has a beautiful estate with a lovely rose garden. One day I’m going to write a heroine planting a rose bush, and digging up a dead body.  Okay, maybe not.

That does it for me today. Let’s head over to Nora Mangano and and hear about her favorite character type.!blog/c112v

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