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Welcome to Blog Hop. If you like to read romance novels of all genres, join the writers of Romance Weekly as we blog about writing, and sometimes try our hand at flash fiction . If you’ve made it here via Susan Scott Shelley’s blog–Welcome.

A big thanks to Sara Hegger for today’s questions–

SARAH wants us to tell about our three favorite book boyfriends. I gave this fun exercise more than a little thought over the past week. So many books, so many heroes, so many crushes over the years. It took a lot of effort to narrow to three.

I’ll start with my very first book boyfriend. It was the summer of my twelfth year, the summer my love affair with books began. It was also the summer I read Gone With The Wind, twice. In my imagination, Rhett was an exact replica of the man I believed would stand next to me on my wedding day. Clark_Gable_as_Rhett_ButlerOf course I was twelve years old, and my only frame of reference, other than my father, was the Ken doll I’d gotten for Christmas when I was seven. In my pre-teen vision, Rhett had a swimmers build, broad shoulders and a narrow waist and hips. He sported a confident stride that any female over the age of twenty would find appealing.

As I revisited my original make believe Rhett, I had the niggling thought he was vaguely familiar in my current life. Sure, Clark Gable made a stunning Rhett Butler, but Clark wasn’t the exact replica of my Rhett. My Rhett didn’t have a mustache, and he certainly didn’t wear silly ascots. I’d read the book twice before seeing the movie, and even though my Rhett had the same black hair and blue eyes, he wasn’t Clark Gable. He did have a slow Southern drawl, a heart-stopping-grin, and a wink that’d make any girl swoon. I was smitten with Rhett, pure and simple. And I loathed Scarlet, thought she was a mindless idiot to pine over the sniffling Ashley Wilkes when Rhett so obviously adored her. At twelve I didn’t understand character development. When I went to bed last night I still had that niggling feeling that my long ago image of Rhett was familiar. I woke at six-thirty and bam, Eureka! My twelve year old make believe Rhett is my husband. Go figure.

My second all time favorite book boyfriend is Cotton Malone. Love Steve Barry, and his Cotton’s so cool under pressure. Kind of like, oh I don’t know, maybe Johnny Depp? Johnny DeppThat kind of kick-ass cool that few people can pull-off. My youngest son is, what we southerners say, the spittin’ image of Depp. And trust me, young and old woman alike will oggle. They pass him phone numbers, follow him around airports, restaurants, down sidewalks and even an alley in Rome. In the beginning it was funny, now it’s more annoying than anything. But I digress. In my imagination, unlike Depp or my son, Cotton has blue eyes. I have a thing for blue-eyed men.

Whittling down my list, I passed over the obvious Heathcliffs of the world, and zeroed in on Eve Dallas’ Roarke. I’m in love with that guy. Antonio with ponytailBad-boy skirting the edge, dangerous, sexy, and let’s not overlook mega-rich. My kind of boyfriend–I mean book boyfriend.

Scuttle is that Nora’s given a nod to the screen options for her In Death Series. Antonio Banderas is my pick for Roarke. Who would you pick?

That does it for me. Let’s hop over to see who Elaine Jeremiah – the author of the riveting and sexy Reunion of the Heart, and The Inheritance, has pegged as her all time favorite book boyfriends.

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