My Novels

“One always has a better book in one’s mind than one can manage to get onto paper.”   ― Michael Cunningham

My current Novels:

Changing Tides 

A single father’s desire to give his son the carefree lifestyle of his youth turns into a battle to protect his land, his innocence, and his son’s life, when an FBI agent with a shady past investigates a drug-ring and is convinced he’s the kingpin.


The Tears of Antigua — The story behind the story.

My second novel is set in Guatemala, and the inspiration came from two experiences I had many years ago.

Casa Santa Domingo

My first career, the one that allows me to write full-time, also gave me the opportunity to travel. One of my favorite spots was a restored monastery that sits at the base of a live volcano, and only a few short blocks from the charming town of Antigua.

On my first visit to this peaceful place, I struck up a conversation with a young American couple in the process of adopting a child from a local orphanage. While waiting for the necessary paperwork to be completed, the orphanage encouraged the couple to spend time with the child during the day– taking long walks, playing in the park, having an ice cream together, and acquainting the child with his new parents before the abrupt departure to his new home. I thought it was a wonderful idea to ease into the relationship, for the parent, but more importantly for the child. It was heartwarming to witness the new family’s joy and excitement and for some reason every year or so, this memory would replay in my dreams.

During that same visit, a friend took my husband and me on a trip to Lake Atitlan. We toured the villages taking the customary photo with a local woman wearing the beautiful colors of her tribe. While posing for the photo I placed my hand around her waist and she suddenly became rigid and verbally upset. My friend quietly asked that I remove my hand, and later explained that I had unwittingly touched the sleeping child under the mother’s robe. Evidently there had been several child abductions from tribal women working in the villages. Years later I ran across an article stating the Guatemalan government had ceased all foreign adoptions and the reason sited was to investigate a baby-stealing ring that catered to rich foreigners.

Thanks to my dreams, my experiences on that particular visit had remained crisp and clear in my memory. And because I believe the words of Albert Einstein are true, “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous”, my book The Tears of Antigua was born.

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